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The future goal of waste management is zero waste being deposited into landfills. With an eye toward that future, New Way leads the industry with the introduction of the first auger-driven organics collection truck in North America, the ROTO PAC.

Organics on Monday, municipal solid waste (MSW) on Tuesday. Gone are the days of maintaining separate trucks to meet a community’s waste management needs. As the first refuse truck that works as equally well with MSW as it does with organics refuse collection, the dual purpose ROTO PAC is designed for operational flexibility.

The ROTO PAC’s self-cleaning auger not only more efficiently compacts organic materials, such as grass clipping and food waste but will automatically reverse in the event of a jam. The 23,000 lbs. of auger torque make quick work of compaction and self-cleaning, eliminating downtime to clean out behind the packer RAM. The automated arm has a 12-foot reach and can easily manage up to 500 lbs. at maximum extension.

Add to that a 27 yd³ body, the highest legal payload in the industry of 25,000 lbs., reduced cylinder maintenance because of the auger and a liquid-tight hopper up to 40 inches high, and you have the most innovative, adaptable and futuristic refuse truck available on the market today.


  • Installation
  • Front pump
  • Mounting
  • Exalta Elite paint (white)
  • 10 lb. fire extinguisher
  • 1 hopper work light
  • LED lights except BU Lights
  • Operations/parts manuals

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