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Sewer Inspection Cameras

Truck Mounted Sewer Inspection System

  • On-board power unit
  • Monitors for viewing
  • Air-Conditioned
  • Full tool box for storage
  • 25 Gallon washdown tank

Sewer Inspection Crawler

  • Steerable 6-wheel drive
  • Modular design adapts to pipe of any size
  • Scalable design supports lateral launch, side-scanning and laser profiling.
  • Link directly to asset-management software

Inspect Laterals From a Mainline

  • 984’ sewer mainline travel range
  • Launch 146’ into laterals
  • Crawl speeds up to 98 fpm in sewer mainlines
  • Pan 360 degrees with +150/-30 degree tilt

Rugged, Digital Drain Inspection

  • Capture up to 90 hours of video and images
  • Offload inspections via USB drive or SD card
  • High-resolution PAL imager captures crisp color footage
  • Self-leveling axial camera maintains upright orientation at all times

HD Video Nozzle

  • Threads on to any jetter hose
  • Captured footage is streamed immediately after to a tablet
  • Quick-change sleds streamline reconfiguration for different pipe sizes
  • HD camera documents pipe condition in high resolution

High Definition, High Zoom View into Sewer

  • Remote tilt adjustment
  • Cable-free (wireless) design
  • HD Video
  • In-manhole view centering

Rapid, Automated Manhole Inspection

  • Initiate complete scan sequence with single button press
  • Perform fully automated scan in 2-3 minutes
  • Deploy with one operator
  • Perform a full day's work on one battery charge

Standard Rents Promise

  • Like-New Equipment – Dealer Maintained & Low Miles/Hours
  • Training Prior to Delivery
  • Service on Equipment During Rental by Our Technicians
  • Flexible Rental Periods – Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rates
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Rent to own options available

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