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Looking for a maneuverable yet powerful compact mechanical sweeper? If so, consider the Broom Badger™ from Elgin® Sweeper. This dual-engine sweeper is easy to operate and maintain and does not require a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) to operate, making it ideal for municipal and contractor customers who need powerful cleaning in a size that benefits their operations. The compact, low-profile design allows easy access to tree-lined streets. And the short, 109-inch wheelbase and a tight turning radius give the operator great maneuverability for cul-de-sac curb lines and tightly winding streets without sacrificing sweeping performance.

The Broom Badger is mounted on an Isuzu NRR 19,500 lb. Class 5 cab-over chassis available with standard air ride suspension. It features a 4.0 yd3 hopper with variable height dumping, up to 10 ft., a 220 gallon water tank for dust suppression and dual gutter brooms for a 10 foot wide sweep path.


  • Non-CDL; 19,500 lb GVWR chassis
  • Left or Right side variable high dump hopper configurations
  • Compact wheelbase while offering powerful sweeping performance

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