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The Elgin Megawind provides versatility when the application extends beyond street sweeping and is able to excel in multiple jobs that cities and contractors encounter. The Elgin Megawind provides leaf and debris vacuuming, catch basin cleaning and street sweeping. The Megawind is specifically designed to be efficient in sucking up bulky debris such as leaves and sticks as well as construction debris such as rocks, bricks, and broken asphalt.


  • Multipurpose platform: catch basin cleaning and/or street sweeper
  • Exclusive fully-powered articulating rear vacuum hose; improves operator efficiency
  • Large 12" vacuum hose proven in construction and municipal applications
  • 10 yd3 and 13 yd3 hopper sizes; correct size for every application
  • Patented twin engine SharedPower technology; less diesel emissions complexity

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