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  • LS125 runs using one of the best compact battery modelson the market – Lithium-Ion nickel manganese cobalt (LiNMC), providing up to 9 hours of autonomy and 3 timesbetter ”energy per weight and volume” ratio in the industry;
  • LS125 is the ONLY electric 48” wide closed cabin high-dump sweeper manufactured in North America. Everythingis built according to North American standards;
  • OEM spare parts shipped within 48 hours;
  • 10 to 12 year lifespan will outlast most competitivemodels;
  • A CDL permit is not required to operate this machine;
  • Fully street legal lighting – safe and easy to use;
  • For maintenance, LS125 offers unprecedented easyaccess to all critical components of the machine;(Electricalboxes,Ā  hydraulic components, main vacuumgate valve);
  • Madvac has a 35+ years track record of success -when your machine is due for replacement we’ll still bearound.


  • Stowed retractable wander hose
  • Pressure washer gun
  • Radio + CD + MP3 player system
  • Heated mirrors
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Tire flatproofing

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The Hardest Working Equipment Available

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