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The 850 Vacuum Only Excavator is the ideal machine for cleaning up drilling fluids from well and horizontal drilling.


  • Available in vacuum trailer, vacuum truck, and skid mount configurations.
  • Two Power Options: CAT Diesels – unmatched performance and reliability. Air Cooled Gasoline – when low initial cost is important.
  • Rugged vacuum pump/blowers – for durability and high vacuum performance.
  • Premium silencer package – reduced noise complaints from work site neighbors and machine operators.
  • Compact, low-profile construction – good visibility for driver and stability in rough locations.
  • Rugged construction the way a contractor needs it – heavy duty frames and the largest axle capacities in their class so your machines will last.
  • Balanced design with optimum tongue weight – easy on your trucks.
  • Unique single handle rear door latch design for easier, faster opening and closing. **
  • Reverse flow vacuum pump/blower available (for pressurized off loading). ** Fast tank emptying. Blow obstructions out of vacuum hose. Backflush filters for quick-easy cleaning.

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The Hardest Working Equipment Available

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