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The perfect safe-digging machine for a wide range of demanding applications, the Prodigy® delivers incredible versatility in a powerful yet smaller package, with lower operating costs than larger machines. Excavate using air or water as a digging medium with a powerful vacuum system in a smaller, more maneuverable frame. All backed by the TRUVAC® commitment to quality.


  • Excavate precisely with water or air
  • Power pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric tools
  • Control water pressure with the press of a button using DigRight® patented technology
  • Be customized to fit your specific needs
Boom 6" vacuum system, extendable to 16' reach, 320° rotation
Chassis Multiple options including not FET choices
Debris Body 50° tilting 9 yd3 debris body
Vacuum System Positive displacement blower rated at 16 in-HG and 3200 cfm
Water System 10 gpm at 3000 psi water pump with DigRight® technology

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